Collegial Support

Thanks to my fellow colleagues for all the feedback you have given me during our first experience here at Walden University. The memories we have created through discussion and blog posts will be kept close to my heart as I adventure onto the next journey. It’s colleagues like yourself who make the experiences of online courses a success and unstressful. There are endless opportunities for each of you in the Early Childhood Education field, and as we continue on this journey of leadership, advocacy, and professionalism, I wish each of you nothing but success. Continue to fuel your journey of success with the passion that lies within your heart!!!!


2 thoughts on “Collegial Support

  1. Quintaya,
    Hello my fellow teacher! Thank you so much for your kind words throughout our EDU 6005 course together! Your discussions and blogs have been very meaningful to me! It is so great having someone like you in the early childhood field! Your passion for the field always comes through in your writings and I hope for nothing but the best for you as you carry on in this profession! Good Luck and I am sure we’ll meet again soon!


  2. Quintaya,

    Thank you so much for your commitment to our children and families. It is a amazing to see a person have so much love and passion for children and their well-being. You are a leader in every sense of the word and I know you will go above and beyond your goals. Your insights and ideas have been very beneficial to me in helping me expand my knowledge. At the beginning of this course I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to effectively communicate and connect with my colleagues through an online learning experience. Throughout the course I connected with you on many different levels. We have shared a lot of things in common which made it more meaningful to me to see someone going through the same experiences I am and they are still striving for success. I thank you for continuing to motivate me to follow my dreams regardless of the circumstances!!


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