Relationship Reflectiions

Whether your relationship has been ongoing for years or a couple of days, its important that we have meaningful relationships with those we love.  Relationships provide us with love, support, and security needed throughout the positive and negative journeys we encounter.


My Loving Husband, Ryan

Ryan has been a big part of my life.  When life throws sour lemons, he’s the one to pick them up to make  batch lemonade. Ryan has always been by my side to help me make decisions, give advice, and to provide me with the best support ever.


My Daughter, Rae

Three years ago, God granted me with an unexpected blessing.  Her innocent life and unique personality gives me the “Rae” of sunshine I need to get through the day.


My Son, Ryan Jr.

RJ provides me with laughter each day.  His silly personality allows him to provide some of the funniest moments in my life.


My Mother (Left) & My Grandmother (Right)

These two ladies have shown me nothing less than what being strong and independent means.  Through the good and bad times throughout my life, they both have given me a back to lean on.  My day isn’t complete until I have talked to them both.


My Sister, Kaila

Every girl needs someone to talk to, to make them laugh, and to tell them when they are wrong.  Over the years I’ve created friendships that are meaningful, but Kaila has been one of the truest friends I’ve had.


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