Through life’s many challenges, there are people who are many people who are responsible for holding you up.  For me, my biggest team of supporters come from my husband and our two families.  Not only do they provide the needed support that’s beneficial in life, but they are always there to give that small push for something to happen.  As a single mother of a 6 month baby, a man walked into my life not knowing the struggle and challenges that I was facing.  Through all the tears, headache, and pain, he has stood by my side and never left.  His endless support and stress free lifestyle provides me with the equilibrium that’s necessary to get through life.

My mother, grandmother, and aunt are always there to lend a helping hand or give an encouraging word through the good and bad times.  These women have been with me through each of my life changes and have been the building block to my success.  Life is unimaginable without their presence.

My children are my motivators.  They are the most important pieces to my puzzle.  Through their laughter and smiles, I see the sunshine through any situation.  My everyday goal is to do something that will benefit them as well as their future.  I hope that I’m only half of what they have the potential to become in their future.  It’s my goal for them to be even more successful than their father and I.


MY CHALLENGE: One of the biggest challenges that I fear is alcohol abuse.  There have been several individuals on both sides of my families who have had challenges with alcohol abuse.  If I were to someday become a victim of this form of abuse, I would need my supporters to assist me with a rehabilitation program that would aid me in becoming clean.  As a determined individual, I know that my hard work and motivation to NOT continue the cycle will not allow me to face this challenge.


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