Blessings of Birth

Princess Raleigh Est. March 2011
Prince Ryan Est. June 2013
Prince Ryan
Est. June 2013

My first birthing experience was in March of 2011.  Princess Raleigh came into the world a few weeks prior to her expected date. As expected, the amount of nervousness and butterflies uttered in my belly as the excitement of her arrival came upon us. My last birthing experience was in June of 2013.  Prince Ryan came into the world after his expected due date. The experience with the birth of my two children were extremely different. With Raleigh, I wasn’t even aware that I was in labor.  I was going in for a regular check-up only to find out I was 8 cm and she would be arriving in less that a couple of minutes.  With Ryan, I was a week overdue and he hadn’t arrived yet.  After speaking with my doctor on the last visit, he decided to induce me since I was beyond miserable.  After being induced, RJ came less than an hour later.  The induction labor was much more nerve wrecking than any other because I didnt know what to expect from such a different experience. The beginning of child development occurs when children are first conceived in the womb. As a child is developing in the womb, there are many things you must do in order to promote healthy development of your child.  In order to promote developmental stages with children, I would put headphones on my belly while pregnant. Just as with all children, both of my children have reached developmental milestones at different stages and ages of their lives.


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